2015CBA Finals Beijing Liaoning referee will avoid not participating in law enforcement
Beijing time on March 4th, after entering the fierce stage through the CBA semi-final, the controversy about the referee’s penalty in the CBA game has once again risen to the forefront.  The recent referee issues, the head of the CBA competition department said: These issues mainly reflect the improvement of the referee’s ability and level to keep up with the progress of the league, from the regular season to the playoffs, especially in the home and away game environment, both sidesThe team, including the players and coaches, and the shouts of the fans, have exerted tremendous pressure on the referees, which is unbearable for ordinary people.Some referees with insufficient abilities and insufficient psychological qualities will have some wrong judgments.  For the performance of the referee in the playoffs, the Basketball Association gave affirmation.In general, the referee’s on-the-spot work is worthy of recognition in the first round and semi-finals of the playoffs.  The person in charge of the competition department said: The referees have done their utmost while under tremendous pressure. Gradually we will try to improve the referee’s ability to judge on the spot through the training mechanism. I hope the fans can understand and care.  The person in charge of the referee committee allegedly revealed that the CBA playoffs referee assignment work adopts a regional avoidance system.All referees who have a regional relationship with the participating parties should avoid it.In the semi-finals, all referees including Liaoning, Beijing, Shandong and Guangdong are not appointed as tailors.For this reason, in the semi-finals, including Yang Maogong of Liaoning nationality, Song Yanping of Shandong nationality, Li Ping, Wen Keming of Beijing nationality, Duan Zhu, Yang Xiaoguang of Guangdong nationality, these referees who have been familiar in the CBA league are allReasons for not participating in law enforcement.  In the finals, the regional avoidance system will continue, which means that Yang Maogong from Liaoning, Jiang Zhiyuan, Wen Keming from Beijing, Duan Zhu and others will still not appear on the list of rulings.(Jia Lei)