2016 ATP year-end finals Murray vs Nishikori live video video score 2-1
On November 17, the 2016 season ATP year-end finals continued today.In the second round of the Group A (McKenro Group) game, the top seed of the match, the British star Murray, defeated the 5th seed Japan by defeating the 6-7 (9), 6-4 and 6-4 in three sets.The famous general Nishikori reported that he lost his opponent in the quarter-finals of the US Open this year and won two consecutive victories in the group stage.Murray reversed Nishikori’s two-game winning streak. Murray started his big break from Wimbledon this year. He won Wimbledon, Rio Olympics, China Open, Shanghai Masters, Vienna and Paris in the second half of the season.The championship of the Masters surpassed Druid to take the first place in the world in the last week of the regular season.Murray played as the No. 1 seed in the finals, and easily defeated the famous Shiliqi in the first round of the group stage.Nishikori is a former U.S. Open runner-up winner. His status has been relatively stable this season. He is currently ranked 5th in the world. In the finals, he swept the Swiss star Wawrinka in the first game.  In today’s game, the two players started to compete fiercely. In the first game, they stalemate to grab the 7th. In the 7th game, Murray even defeated the opponent’s multiple counts, but ultimately lost 9-11 points.In the second set, Murray pulled back 6-4 after completing two breaks; in the final set, Murray completely controlled the situation on the court, but wasted a serve to win the game, but in the end he still completed two breaksAfterwards, the team won the game by winning 6-4.With this victory, Murray reported this year’s U.S. Open defeat to his opponent, rewriting the two’s total confrontation record to 8 wins and 2 losses, successfully achieved two consecutive wins in the group stage, basically locked a semi-final seat.  Technical Statistics Technical Statistics Murray has a great serve today, leading 8-0 in the number of ACE balls and 4-6 opponents in double errors.The focus rate of the first serve and the focus rate of the second serve Murray slightly overlapped. Nishikori completed two breaks in the game, and Murray successfully broke 4 times on 7 break points. The total gathered Murray was 130-121 lead.  Exciting game In the first game of today, Murray took the lead in serving. The two players started to compete fiercely. The serving of both sides maintained a high efficiency. The first 10 innings and the two sides maintained a 5-5 draw. The 11th inningNishikori scored a key break point with a score of 40-30, but Murray struggled to resolve it and kept it, and Murray wasted a more critical break point and inventory in the 12th inning, and the game was dragged in immediately.In the 7th game, Nishikori took the lead in breaking Murray’s one serving point and scored three consecutive points with a score of 6-3. The tenacious Murray resolved them one by one and scored with a score of 7-6In the next two, both players resolved their opponents’ performance. Nishikori finally won the first set with a thrilling 11-9.  In the second set, Murray actively adjusted his state. In the first game, he already had a stable bottom line hit and completed a break and followed his own serve to get a 2-0 lead.Afterwards, the two players made two separate rewrites of the innings to 4-2. Nishikori scored two consecutive break points with a score of 40-15 in the crucial eighth inning. After Murray resolved one, NishikoriGui successfully completed the counter-break and chased the game to a 4-4 draw.However, Murray finished the break again after a 40-40 match between the two sides in the ninth inning. He followed closely to keep his serve and won the set to 6-4.21 consecutive victories!Murray struggled for 200 minutes to reverse the Nishikori group’s qualifying set. In the final set, the two players started each with a break. Murray took the lead with a break of 40-30 in the third inning to break the break point, although Nishikori struggled toThe score was tied, but Murray was finally able to break the break and followed closely to keep his serve to get a 3-1 lead. In the 5th inning, the British star will complete the break and break the advantage again after the two sides battle to 40-40Expanded to 4-1, Nishikori Acute and Heartless Love Warfare, Murray led 5-1 into the opponent’s non-guaranteed serve after the 6th inning, and the tenacious Nishikori after the 7th inning, In the 8th inning broke Murray’s serve to win the game and followed by Baofa successfully to chase the game into 4-5, Murray did not waste any chance in his second serve victory, smoothBaofa won another set 6-4, reversing the opponent with a total score of 2-1, and achieved the second victory in the group stage.The whole game took 3 hours and 20 minutes.(Li Tianyou)