Analysts at Tesla’s California plant temporarily resumed work
As six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area announced the extension of the home order, Tesla’s California plant had to be reworked repeatedly.On April 28, six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area jointly issued a statement, saying that the “in-situ asylum order” will be extended from May 4 to the end of May. The premature lifting of restrictions will lead to a serious increase in cases of new coronary pneumonia.The joint statement included Alameda County, where Tesla ‘s California plant is located, so Tesla ‘s plant was reopened on May 4 as expected.Since stopping operations on March 23, Tesla’s California plant has been shut down for more than a month, and the home order has been extended to the end of May, which means that the California plant will be shut down for more than two months.The California plant is Tesla’s only automobile plant in the United States, responsible for the production of Model X, Model S, Model 3 and the latest model Y.Tesla originally expected that after the expansion of the plant, the assembly capacity of Model 3 and Model Y will reach 500,000 vehicles per year this summer.At present, only the Shanghai Super Factory is still in normal operation. In March, Tesla’s China-made Model 3 delivery exceeded 10,000, becoming the main sales force of domestic new energy vehicles.Tesla delivered a total of 8 in the first quarter of this year.840,000 vehicles, the company will announce the first quarter financial report for this year on April 30.Wall Street analysts expect Tesla to deliver about 7 in the second quarter.For 50,000 vehicles, the delivery volume will appear multiple times and decrease sequentially.Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas (Adam Jonas) said in a research report that Tesla’s performance in the first quarter will be worse, and most investors have expected the second quarter to be very weak.”In our view, this is a real driver for future demand, growth in Greater China and the visibility of restarting production.”We believe that the current expectation will cause the stock line to lock in the $ 500 to $ 1,000 range.”On April 28, Tesla closed up 10.15%, estimated at 798.85 dollars, this year’s gradual growth rate reached 90.94%.Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu editor Li Weijia proofread Liu Jun