China Table Tennis Association suspends Kong Linghui’s coaching position, Kong Linghui responds to gambling debt rumors
According to reports from the official website of the China Table Tennis Association, the Chinese Table Tennis Association learned from the media that Kong Linghui was suspected of the situation and immediately sought Kong Linghui to understand the situation.Based on the facts stated in his own response to relevant media reports, it is believed that the relevant actions have seriously violated the relevant regulations and disciplinary requirements of the management of public officials.The Chinese Table Tennis Association decided to suspend Kong Linghui’s work as the head coach of Chinese women’s table tennis. After deep reflection, he immediately returned to China for further investigation and handling.  The China Table Tennis Association firmly opposes any behavior of athletes, coaches and staff that violates social ethics, and will further investigate Kong Linghui’s behavior and deal with it in accordance with relevant regulations.It is entirely out of the education and management of athletes and coaches, to cultivate and establish a good ideological style and moral image of sports teams.  Kong Linghui information map.China News reporter Jin Shuo photographed 450,000 Singapore dollars.Kong Linghui also admitted publicly later that the arrears were caused by relatives and friends.  According to reports, the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore recently reported Kong Linghui to the Hong Kong Court.The article stated that Kong Linghui borrowed 1 million Singapore dollars from the CES on February 19, 2015. The plaintiff alleged that at this time, Kong Linghui only paid off 54 of them.50,000 Singapore dollars, so I asked the court to order Kong Linghui to pay off the remaining more than 450,000 Singapore dollars, which is about 2.5 million Hong Kong dollars.In response to this rumor, Kong Linghui, who is participating in the World Championships, subsequently responded that this incident occurred during the 2015 Chinese New Year. He and his parents and relatives went to Singapore to travel. Residents downstairs in the hotel, relatives and friends went in for entertainment, he watched,In the meantime, help them to get chips and leave relevant private information.  Today, after the media exposed the matter, I called to ask what happened to my family and friends at the time. I realized that someone had a dispute with CES about the debt dispute, which has caused me to be intervened in the lawsuit.The person came forward to declare the facts and reserved the right to use legal means to protect themselves.Kong Linghui also said that he was deeply disturbed by the impact of the incident on the team members and would rule out all interference and make every effort to play well in the World Table Tennis Championships.