Ding Junhui failed to negotiate, the sponsored trademark was taken off, expressed its indignation: very angry
Ding Junhui failed to negotiate and the sponsorship brand was excerpted. Ding Junhui swept Paul Davidson 5-0 in the first round of the Snooker China Open main round to advance to the top 32.However, before this round, Ding Junhui said this on his own social media. For the fans, the audience and my family and friends, I will continue to play the game. Thank you for the support of Evergrande Jinfu, which will allow me to continue the game at ease.See you later.The reason for this comment is that it was directly related to yesterday’s postponement of the play-off due to sponsors’ rejection by the World Taiwan Federation and the penalty for Ding Junhui’s game.  It turned out that Ding Junhui had an accident before the start of the game against Sean O’Sullivan. Due to the conflict between the sponsoring logo on Ding Junhui and the event sponsor, Ding Junhui was refused entry, and the two parties failed to reach an agreement at the time.The result is that Ding Junhui has lost a game 0-1 before he debuted. Fortunately, Ding Junhui has not been affected by this, and the staged big reversal is still promoted.  Regarding this storm, Ding Junhui and the World Taiwan Federation adhere to their own views.Ding Junhui said that he participated in the World Taiwan Union notice, saying that his personal sponsor, Evergrande Financial Services, and the sponsor of the event, the breast badge of the Bank of Beijing, are in conflict.Ding Junhui can understand and participate in his role, because there are cases before and they are all resolved peacefully.However, Ding Junhui also stated that he had filed with the World Taiwan Union for the update of the main sponsor of the new season, so he was very angry at the World Taiwan Union’s approach.  Tonight, Ding Junhui played again, and the chest badge of the sponsor was no longer there.It is understood that it turned out that Ding Junhui had failed to negotiate with the World Taiwan Federation. After repeated requests from the other party, he could only remove the personal sponsor’s LOGO and continue to play in the snooker China game.(Wenzhi)