“Flying Man War” only won fifth Zhang Peimeng encountered a bottleneck
In the finale of the 2015 World Track and Field Challenge in Beijing last night, the men’s 100-meter trapeze battle, Chinese sprinter Su Bingtian won the second runner-up in 10 seconds 06, and another sprinter Zhang Peimeng was in a normal state, only ran for 10 seconds 18, And finally won the fifth.After the game, Zhang Peimeng said that he is currently unable to do so and still can’t feel it.  Su Bingtian ran 10 seconds and 10 seconds in the Kawasaki Station in the World Athletics Challenge held recently, which met the standards for this year’s World Championships. Zhang Peimeng only ran 10 seconds and 24.Last night, Zhang Peimeng’s 10 seconds and 18 results did not meet the standards for the World Championships.  After the game, the reporter asked Zhang Peimeng whether he planned to meet the standard at the Asian Athletics Championships held in Wuhan in June. He said: “This is not a question I intend to. It depends on the state. I feel powerless now, I have to find the feeling slowly, and find the rhythm slowly.”.If you can’t find it back, it doesn’t make much sense to participate in the World Championships.  Zhang Peimeng told reporters: I am now squatting down there, and my heart is not very solid, and I don’t have a sense of speed when I run.If the condition is good, I don’t care about the reaction time at the start. Even if the reaction is slower, I can run and surpass on the way, but now I can’t do it at all.I feel that there is still a lack of training. How to return from the trough to the peak is a new problem encountered by coach Li Qing and me. We are also exploring and seeking breakthroughs.It can be said that I have now encountered a bottleneck.