7-man double Cavaliers win 25 points at home, Nets lose playoff prospects worrying
On March 19th, Beijing time, the Cavaliers won the Nets 117-92.  The Cavaliers (44-26) made it through easily, with 7 players in doubles.LeBron James scored 16 points and 7 assists. JR Smith made 5 of 10 3-pointers and scored 17 points. Timofey Mozgov also scored 17 points. Kyrie Irving had 12 points and 10 assists. Kevin-Loew 10 points and 11 rebounds.  The Nets (27-39) ended their second straight game.Deron Williams had 20 points and 6 assists, Brook Lopez had 10 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, and Markle Brown had 10 points.For the Cavaliers to move to the basket for the playoffs, the Nets don’t have much room to make mistakes.They are currently ranked 11th, but the 8th Heat has 2.The gap of 5 games.This is not an untraceable distance, but it can only be that the Nets themselves have to guarantee not to lose.  In the face of a strong team like the Cavaliers, the Nets cannot make any guarantees.  In the first 6 minutes after the opening, the Nets played a good job, gaining a double-digit advantage 20-7.Owen began to enter the attack mode, frequent shots, when there are 2 minutes and 36 seconds in this section, Owen hit a three-pointer, turning the score into 16-22.There are 43 in this section.At 6 seconds, Loew scored 3 points with consecutive throws and the Cavaliers only led 23-24.After the Nets scored a goal by Jack, the section ended with a 3-point advantage.  The second quarter became the world of knights.The bench played brilliantly, and Schumpeter and Smith hit three points in succession after the start of the quarter, hitting a wave of 10-0, surpassing 33-28 in one fell swoop.Pramley’s air-relay dunk came back in color, but was immediately hit by Smith’s three-point counterattack. He made 3 three-pointers 5 minutes before the quarter, and the Cavaliers opened the gap with 41-30.After the Nets chased the score to 45-50, James also made a three-pointer and the Cavaliers played a wave of 9-0.The Nets blended in 3 minutes until there was 1 in this section.At 9 seconds, Johnson was hit by a backward shot.At the end of the half, the Nets trailed 47-59.In this section, the Cavaliers made 7 three-pointers and scored 36 points.  The Cavaliers bloomed in and out of the third quarter, quickly throwing away their opponents.With 5 minutes and 24 seconds left in this section, Smith made another three-pointer, and Mozgov immediately followed the air relay dunk, and the Cavaliers led 81-60.Under the Cavaliers’ offensive, the Nets were in chaos and the shooting rate dropped sharply.The two sides once reached 23 points.Before the end of the third quarter, Delavido made a 3-pointer and the Cavaliers led 94-73.  The Cavaliers handed over to the bench in the fourth quarter.Jones hit three consecutive points, Delaware also made a long shot again, after playing 3 minutes in this section, they led 24 points 103-79.The Nets were unable to narrow the gap to below 20 points, and were at most 27 points behind 90-117.