How to buy baby milk powder is safer

Experts believe that formula milk is more suitable for the healthy growth of babies than fresh milk, because the composition of fresh milk is close to breast milk, but fresh milk contains casein precipitation, which can easily cause dyspepsia and even diarrhea.

Therefore, may wish to choose milk powder to feed the baby, pay attention to the following matters when choosing milk powder: 1.

Color: The color of high-quality milk powder is milky white or milky yellow, with uniform color and rich luster, while the inferior milk powder has crystals, matt, white or other unnatural colors, coarse powder, dissolves too quickly; 2.

In addition to nutritional balance, high-quality milk powder is specially formulated to meet the needs of the baby, and has been proven by scientific research.

Pay special attention to whether the new parenting elements DHA and AA are added when buying. These two special nutrients are important for the development of Chinese babies’ intelligence and vision; 3.

In line with the physiological characteristics of babies: According to the physical characteristics of Chinese babies, high-quality milk powder is specially designed for Chinese babies. The nutrition ratio is more reasonable and comprehensive. Chinese babies have different constitutions and eating habits from foreign babies. Some formulas of milk powder do not take this into consideration.Be careful when buying; 4.

Milk source: The milk source of high-quality milk powder is pure, safe, and pollution-free. When purchasing, indicate the origin of the milk powder.

In addition, we must pay attention to whether the product has passed international certification or national inspection-free quality inspection standards. At present, the better milk powder brands include Mead Johnson, Nestle, Dumex, Abbott, Heinz, Yashili, etc. There are some Tetra Pak ready-to-drink children’s milk on the market.For example, Mengniu Future Star Children’s Milk, like formula milk, has added nutrients and can be properly incorporated.